An off-quoted saying that charity begins at home, holds good for all times to come. In today’s hectic world? That has all kind of allurements and attractions to offer, there is an overwhelming possibility that young people might become self-centered with reduced participation for the betterment and uplift of community. Here it become all the more important for us that we chisel their thinking, channelizing it in the interest of humanity, to move them for being self-centered to being more inclusive and related to the community-feeling. It is on the basis of this need assessment that projects/programmers are formulated under the NSS scheme. NSS is indeed a very potent medium to silently work on the foundations of tomorrow, paving the way for a vibrant, strong and better India. I am happy to share that State NSS Cell, UT Chandigarh have launched a unique initiative called Open Unit operating in some other states is now operational in Chandigarh as well for all Working & Non-working people with community mindset. This Open Unit will pave the way for those who are not part of academics. I am sure that induction of NSS Open Unit, UT Chandigarh (www.twitter.com/NSSOpenUnit) will strengthen the overall working of NSS UT Chandigarh with the help of these experienced people for the larger interest of our community.




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