There are two types of program under the NSS scheme. 

Regular NSS activities the students undertake in the adopted villages, college campus and urban slums include various activities. They have to complete 120 hours of regular activities during an academic year. 

Special camping program is an integral part of the NSS Scheme under which 7-day camp is organized in the adopted villages or urban slums during vacations with the involvement of local community.

NSS REGULAR ACTIVITIES NSS volunteers undertake various activities in adopted villages and slums for community service. Duration of these services is 120 hours.

The NSS units organize the regular activities as detailed below:

Orientation of NSS Volunteers : Twenty hours are allocated for their orientation through lectures, discussions, field visits, and audio-visuals etc.

Campus Work : The NSS volunteers may be involved in the projects undertaken for the benefit of the institution and students concerned. The NSS volunteers may work on campus projects for not exceeding 30 hours in a year. 

The remaining Seventy hours will be utilized for community service on the projects in the adopted villages/urban slums independently or in collaboration with other in this field.


  • The aim of the Regular and Special Camping Program is to bring youth face to face with community and make efforts to improve their life.
  • Environment Enrichment and Conservation.
  • Health. Family Welfare and Nutrition Program.
  • Program aimed at creating awareness for improvement of the status of women. v Social Service programs.
  • Production Oriented Programs.
  • Relief & Rehabilitation works during Natural Calamities.
  • Education and Recreations.

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