Special Camping Theme

The Theme for this year is spread over five Core areas.

  • Environment including preservation of natural resources and conservation of cultural/historical heritage.
  • Health. Public sanitation and personal hygiene.
  • Rural development including project identification program formulation implementation and evaluation.
  • Education and literacy including Legal awareness.
  • Emergency interventions including trauma care initial counseling and data collection.

Expenditure on NSS Special Camping Program : -

  • Under the Special Camping Program, camps of seven days duration are organized during the vacations every year. The NSS volunteers are expected to be in the camp throughout the period including on the inaugural day and depart from the camp only on closing day after valedictory function.
  • Only 50 per cent of the total strength of NSS volunteers in a college/school participates in these camps.
  • A provision of Rs. 450/- per volunteer for seven days are made for these special camps.
  • This is mainly for expenditure on board lodging and transport of the volunteers.

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